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Top 10 Online Sports Betting Sites

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A trusted online sportsbook should have:

Sports bookmakers are found nearly on every corner of the internet and the world. Despite the range of choices, which bookmaker should you trust to put your bets on? Which one is the best for you?

There is no golden rule in choosing the best online sportsbook but it’s not an impossible task to find the right one for you. 

In this article, we’ll help you find the right sports bookmaker that meets your requirement, by asking the following questions during your research.

Remember it’s important for you to be careful in choosing because it will affect your overall experience with betting and could be a costly ordeal if you end up with the wrong one. Be inquisitive during your journey. Let’s start!

Question #1 Is it legal to play in the country I am located at?

If you are located in countries like Canada or the United Kingdom, you’re lucky enough that the rules of the United States against online gambling is not applicable to you. And while the legality of online gambling varies from country to country, there’s still a wide variety of legal online sports betting sites to choose from.

You should be unable to access an online gambling site if your country prohibits the activity but it’s useful to review the Terms & Conditions of each bookmaker that you can access. The law requires them to explicitly mention the countries they are not allowed to cater certain players from.

Question #2 Do their website look credible?

A reliable sports betting site spends significant resources to provide the best user experience by making their website and mobile app user-friendly. Saying that the bookmaker you're considering to play at should look seamless and easy to use.

Next to the aesthetics, examine the URL. It should start with https, suggesting they have SSL or Secure Sockets Layer, which means the website is encrypted and that your important details such as passwords and credit card details remain private when used or submitted into that particular site.

Reputable betting sites have a significant number of betting markets. Most of them cover major sporting events and some small events, and other products such as poker, casino and more. If you see different markets present, it’s a good indicator that they are realible.

Also, a subtle but important indicator is if they display the certifications they have such as licenses, sponsorships and also some advocacies they support. Most online gambling companies are required by the law to bluntly discuss the harmful effects of gambling hence the presence of Responsible Gaming articles and logo. If the website you are in contains these elements, the chances are higher they are worth a try. 

Question #3 Do they have multiple good reviews online?

 You can find almost anything online and it’s a sin if you don’t research for third-party reviews to help you decide. They typically discuss the following items to determine if an online betting site is credible or not:

✓ years in business
✓ average and timely delivery of payouts
✓ customer service
✓ bet selection
✓ odds
✓ bonuses and promotions
✓ ease of use
✓ payment methods available

By taking the time to read their analysis, you can get practical insights into what it’s like to use the betting site itself. A credible online betting site should have numerous reviews that vary from good to bad, but of course, you should gear towards the one that has more good 
reviews online.

Question #4 Do they use trusted names in their payment options?

If you see trusted names such as Skrill, MasterCard or Verified by Visa, chances are the betting site you are in is a reputable one. It’s typical for top online bookmakers to provide their clients with different methods to deposit or withdraw funds and it all starts by partnering with known names in the payment and the banking industry. Some provide the option to use e-wallets (providing a degree of anonymity) as well as prepaid cards, cheques and much more.

Question #5 Are they proactive in supporting their clients?

Gambling mainly belongs in the hospitality industry and in that field, the highest quality of customer service and the ultimate satisfaction of customers are expected. A dependable online gambling site provides multiple ways for their existing and prospective customers to reach them.

Most bookmakers have an email address that you can reach out to and a ready-to-use live chat feature on their homepages. 

Some also provide proactive support via social media, which is an added bonus if you are facing some issues while you are playing.

Most reputable sites also provide useful content in form of articles, videos and ebooks to educate their clients about using their website or mobile app, news, updates and online gambling in general. If you find these items in your prospective online betting site, chances are you are on the right track.

Time to Choose the Right One for You

As mentioned, choosing the best online sports betting site is challenging but not impossible. By asking the questions above, you can come up with a list of bookmakers you can initially try until your needs and standards are met.

Resources and tools are available to help you. If you’re interested in using a tool that can help you see the best odds from multiple bookmakers in a single account, click the button below.


We have analysed several top betting sites and compiled the best ones with a good reputation, proven worthy of your first or succeeding bets. Take time to learn and enjoy. Good luck!







✓ In-depth betting articles
✓ Offer the best payout on almost all events
✓ Dynamic sport lines
✓ Customised point spreads/total
✓ A good number of payment methods

4 /5


✓ Sportsbook Operator of the Year in 2014 and 2015
✓ Offers attractive bonuses to existing players across       i
ts products
✓ The website is available in more than 20 languages
✓ Runs their own community forum
✓ Impressive website and mobile app

✓ Multiple bookmakers with one account
✓ Anonymous betting
✓ Betting via Skype
✓ High betting limits without getting blocked
✓ Fast payouts 

4.2 /5


✓ Competitive in-lay betting and live streaming service
✓ Excellent bet slip that allows players to control      

    betting options
✓ Customers get access to the William Hill TV service
✓ Sports results and live scores
✓ Full range of options for depositing and 

    withdrawing funds

4.2 /5


✓ Never runs out of promos attractive to new 
    and existing customers
✓ Offers an incredible range of sports and ‘

    special markets’
✓ Low minimum deposit
✓ Easy to navigate website
✓ Very good customer support
✓ Quick withdrawals
✓ Multiview option in the live betting section
✓ Money back specials


4.1 /5


✓ A distinguished bookie in Asian handicap
✓ Reliable payment options
✓ Competitive odds
✓ Lots of in-play betting options
✓ Fast and efficient customer service
✓ Great deposit bonus
✓ Quick withdrawal policy
✓ Profitable betting with 0.1% Turnover Cashback Deal
✓ Many live streams 


4.6 /5


✓ Competitive year-round promotions, designed to 
    increase punter returns
✓ Minimum deposit is low.
✓ Loads of betting options
✓ User-friendly site and app
✓ Fast deposit methods
✓ Users can bet on sports and play casino games 

    using one account
✓ Excellent customer service 


4.2 /5


✓ Holds more licenses than most bookies
✓ Attractive bonuses and on-going promotions
✓ Great odds and a great selection of markets
✓ Quick withdrawals, around 48 hours
✓ Slick and responsive mobile app
✓  ACCA EDGE option perfect for those who want to 

     bet on 3 or more matches
✓ 24/7 customer support available in different languages
✓ Fast load times and clear graphics


4.2 /5

✓ Offers solid experience on in-play betting, perfect 
    for those who prefer live wagering
✓ A good number of global currencies are accepted
✓ Very well-presented website and mobile app
✓ Great variation of games
✓ Great reward program
✓ Best market prices
✓ Have one of the best betting slips available
✓ A wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods 


3.6 /5


✓ Attractive promotions and bonuses throughout 
    the year
✓ Massive wagering limits
✓ Website and support team available in 

    different languages
✓ Money-back guarantees
✓ Wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods
✓ Excellent website interface
✓ Competitive bet types, markets and odds
✓ Perfect for low stakes to middle-level sport bettor





Disclaimer: The information above does not guarantee profit on gambling. The readers are advised to take full discretion and to gamble responsibly.